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Thomas Fretwell 

Thomas has been passionate about studying the word of God ever since he became a Christian. This led to him pursing B.Th. and M.A Degrees in Theology from King's Evangelical Divinity School. He is currently undertaking Ph.D research in a field related to Jewish-Christian Studies. 

Thomas serves as an assistant Pastor at Calvary Chapel Hastings in the South East of England, an evangelical church which he has been involved with since it was planted in 2006. He works as an associate tutor in Theology at Kings Evangelical Divinity School where he teaches courses on Christian Doctrine and on the political and theological issues surrounding the state of Israel for the schools new Centre for Jewish-Christian Studies.

As an associate speaker for Creation Ministries International Thomas is keen to uphold the authority of the Bible and often addresses the subject of biblical authority and issues related to the creation-evolution controversy.

Thomas writes regularly for a number of different ministry blogs and websites. He has also published in peer-reviewed theological Journals, contributed to a number of multi-author publications and has two of his own books published.


He hosts the Theology & Apologetics podcast which deals with a number of apologetic an theological issues. Available on Soundcloud & iTunes. 

An engaging speaker and author, Thomas regularly speaks to people of all ages on a variety of biblical topics and apologetics issues.  He has contributed a number of articles to peer-review Journals and other Christian publications.

Thomas Fretwell Testimony

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